STOL CH 750: Build It!  Fly It!

Build your own STOL CH 750 aircraft from:
  • Introductory Starter Kit
  • Component ('buy-as-you-build' section) Kits
  • Complete Kit - "everything in one box"
  • Drawings and Manuals (plans-only)
  • Professional Builder Assistance (for Quick Build Kits and more)
  • Firewall-Forward Engine Packages: We supply firewall-forward parts and accessories for the ULPower series, Continental O-200, Jabiru 3300 and Rotax 912 ULS engine series. 

Drawings & Manuals: $ 495.00
Detailed blueprints of the complete airframe and components (CAD drawings), supplied with aircraft serial number: All you need to ‘scratch-build’ your own STOL CH 750 Light Sport Utility Aircraft. . The Assembly Manuals are supplied on CD-ROM, with high-resolution Photo Assembly Guides. Plans and manual are included with the airframe kit.

Airframe Kit + Finishing Kit: $19,480.00
The airframe kit (edition 2, with higher higher gross weight capability) comes with all kit parts to build the airframe: The kit includes the factory riveted wing spars, pre-formed sheet-metal parts (ribs, skins, etc.), factory-welded parts, standard fuel system (dual wing tanks), controls, and hardware required for assembly of the airframe. Skins and most parts are supplied CNC pre-cut and pilot-hole match-drilled! The Airframe Kit includes the Drawings and Manuals for assembly.
The Finishing Kit includes the items to complete the aircraft, including the spring gear, wheels with hydraulic disk brakes, the formed windshield, “swing-up” clear bubble doors, seats and seat belts, electric flaps and trim motors, hardware, and more.
STOL CH 750 Airframe Kit: $14,990.00
STOL CH 750 Finishing Kit: $4,490.00

Standard features of the kit include Clear Bubble Doors, Electric Elevator Trim Tab, Streamlined Wing Struts, ...

STOL CH 750 KIT OPTIONS: Available kit options include LED nav/strobe lights, LED landing lights, dual control sticks, micro vortex generators, avionics and custom instrument panels, center console kit,  map box kit (for panel), upholstery kit, powder coated steel parts, long range fuel tanks (wing tanks), folding wings option kit, larger wheels and tires, cabin heat, kit assembly tools, Zenair floats, and more.

Note: Crating and shipping charges are extra.  Prices in U.S. funds. All prices, equipment and availability subject to change without prior notice.

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